The 9th graders had to expand a simple sentences: I SAW A GIRL or BRIAN ENTERED THE ROOM.

While I was on my morning walk through the neighbourhood I suddenly saw a young blond girl in a purple polka dot dress buying an ice cream cone at the ice cream shop.

Ina, 9. c

Yesterday in the afternoon while I was walking through the park I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and she was wearing a black skirt and a white jacket while was standing next to the cinema.

Urša, 9.c

Brian entered the room while I was blasting loud music so I didn’t hear him and I started singing very poorly and really loud, I was almost screaming, and he pulled his phone out and started recording me and at that time I had no idea so I continued to pour my soul out while also dancing and making a fool out of myself and suddenly something fell on the floor and made a loud shattering sound which made me jump really high and caused me to bump my head which left me unconscious.

Maja, 9. c

A boy named Brian entered the room and started talking to me but I didn’t know him so I asked him who he was and through the conversation I learnt a lot about him.

Nina. 9. c

It was a sunny day and I was inside feeling sad then all of a sudden I heard a strange noise and I saw someone and I was wondering who he was but then he turned around, looked at me and I came to a conclusion that he was my old friend Brian from high school whom I had gone to the prom with and when he entered the room, he came to me, took my hand, said hi, and gave me a big hug in which I felt safe and happy but then he said that he just came to say goodbye because lately he had not been feeling OK, he simply turned around started running and all I heard was my heart breaking into pieces like a glass.

Nuša, 9. c

Brian entered the room while I was washing the dishes which were very dirty so I drove to the shop and bought the biggest and the most expensive washing-up liquid which must be put somewhere high so the children cannot reach it plus you need to wear gloves so that it doesn’t damage the skin.

Lovro, 9. c